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You have probably seen this; they say “ads by Google” across the bottom. They are usually only mildly intrusive and, depending on where you choose to place them, they can still be very noticeable. The pay structure for this is different than most others. Google pays you per click on their ads. It is not significant per click but if you are bringing in thousands of visitors every day, this is definitely a good option for you. Another way to get ads on your site is simply asking. graphic designer career information Adobe Illustrator is used as a primary tool in exploring visual perception through a variety of creative exercises that familiarize the student with basic visual principles such as figure/ground manipulation, shape grouping, letterform shape creation, and grid and system creation. Formal elements of graphic design such as line, shape, color, texture, pattern, balance, symmetry, rhythm, space and unity are thoroughly explored by example and hands on computer exercises; special topics included are: designing with type, layout strategies, logo design, symbol and pictogram development and stationery systems. This course is an introduction to the software application Adobe InDesign designed for the novice user. The Macintosh platform is used in the classroom studio lab, and the student is introduced to the creative and practical aspects of the desktop publishing program that is considered indispensable in the contemporary communications and design industries. This course is based on a series of introductory exercises and a regimen of hands on practice that teaches software and design skills; students learn how to combine the use of InDesign with other professional graphics and work processing software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word. Using industry standard image editing software software, this course is an introduction to professional computer graphics creation and to the software and hardware typically used in the graphic design, video, photography and interactive Web/multimedia industries.


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