Compost activator: the best products for composter

The creation of compost is certainly one of the most economical and ecological solutions for the proper disposal of wet waste. Thanks to this process, in fact, the organic substance is decomposed by the microorganisms naturally present in the soil, to obtain a fertile soil to be used in cultivation. It is very easy to take advantage of it also at home, considering that there are composters of all shapes and sizes on the market, suitable not only for very large gardens but also for the small balcony of the house. Very often, however, we hear about the compost activator: what is it and, above all, what are some of the best products available on the market?

In the early stages of the installation or construction of a compost heap, it is not always possible to take advantage of a soil already rich in organic substances and microorganisms, ready to decompose and transform household waste. It is therefore necessary to enrich the soil so that the process can begin: not only will it be necessary to add valid helpers such as worms, which have the function of aerating the soil and promoting the decomposition of organic matter, but also to resort to an activator. The latter is nothing more than a solution, of completely natural origin, which allows to accelerate the transformation of organic waste into compost, thanks to a wise concentration of nutrients and useful organisms. Here are a few tips.

Compo, composter and accelerator for vegetables

For all the requirements of compost creation, even the simplest at home, Compo offers an effective and economical solution. With its Composter for vegetable residues, the company proposes an activator suitable for composters with a capacity of 3 cubic metres, very easy to use. With visible results from 6 to 8 weeks, the powdered product contains a mix of microorganisms that encourage the degradation of plant waste, both from the kitchen and from garden cleaning operations. Available in packs of two kilos, it does not require particular attention during use, thanks to the possibility of mixing it directly with the soil from the very first stages of creating the compost heap.

Given the richness of guano, urea and calcium, it guarantees satisfactory results in a short time, both for those who make fresh and mature compost. It is also recommended to use it between spring and autumn, approximately from March to September. According to Amazon buyers, the product has the following advantages and disadvantages:

Pros: effective, easy to use, high quality powder;

Cons: may not be suitable for composters of enormous size.

Solabiol, activator for natural compost

Solabiol also offers an attractive solution to accelerate the compost creation process with its Soacti900 activator. Available in 900 gram packages, it can enrich composters up to 2.2 cubic metres in capacity, guaranteeing faster decomposition of both typical kitchen waste and other vegetable waste. Made from 100% natural substances, it can also be used without restrictions in organic farming, without resorting to synthetic elements.

Very easy to spread, the product has above all a composition based on organic yeasts, known for their fundamental action in transforming the waste substance into a very fertile soil. The package can also be closed again, to use the activator several times over time, avoiding waste, especially for small and medium sized composters. According to the buyers available on the Net, the product has the following advantages and disadvantages.

Pros: effective, economical, practical packaging;

Cons: intended for domestic use, not professional.

BSI, activator for sheared grass

For those who are more interested in the disposal of vegetable waste from the garden than in kitchen waste, BSI offers a really interesting solution. The company decided to prepare an activator specified mainly for the decomposition of sheared grass, a very abundant presence among those who have small or medium sized green areas. Distributed in the practical bucket pack, so that it can be safely stored over time, the activator is rich in microorganisms with high power of action, so that the first results can be seen in the composter after just a few days.

It is also suitable for organic farming, since it only contains ingredients of natural origin, it spreads quickly and does not require any particular intervention over time, such as frequent repetitions. Thanks to the six kilos package, it can also cover composters with a capacity of more than four cubic metres. According to Amazon buyers, the product has the following advantages and disadvantages:

Pros: effective, very fast degradation, functional not only in use with sheared grass;

Cons: the package does not seem to have instructions for use in Italian.

Choice of editorial staff

For the good relationship between quality and price, and the ability to meet the needs of the most common grower, the editorial staff recommends the purchase of the activator Compo. However, the other proposals outlined above are also of the highest quality.