Electric or manual lawn aerator: selection guide


In order to take advantage of an evergreen and lush meadow, it is necessary to ventilate the ground cyclically. This process allows you to remove some debris in the soil, such as plant deposits or moss, which could take away oxygen and nutrients from the grass, preventing its proper growth. To achieve this goal, specific tools are used, called aerators: how do they work and, above all, which is the choice between electric or manual?

In general, the scarifier is a tool with toothed rollers: penetrating deep into the ground, it allows both to carry oxygen and to remove residues that could limit the growth of the tufts of grass. There are different varieties of tools available on the market: there are manual models, which work by pushing, or electric models. The latter have similar features to the common lawnmowers, although the operation is very different, and are suitable for both the speed of execution and to cover large fields. Even though they are less in demand, there are petrol or shoe aerators: in this case they are special toothed soles to be applied directly to your work shoes. The lawn is usually aired at the end of winter, just before the start of the grass’s life cycle. Here are a few tips.

Greenkey Garden and Home, Roller Aerator

For those who are looking for a manual tool, suitable for small or medium lawns, Greenkey Garden and Home offers a convenient roller aerator. Versatile and economical, it offers great ease of assembly and use: it is sufficient, in fact, to push the tool on the ground to be treated using the handlebar. The roller supplied has a length of 30 cm, with thirty 4.5 cm tips, to enter deep into the ground without too much effort. Good workmanship and made of durable materials, is especially suitable for newcomers to gardening or just fans, to manage areas not too large.

The action on the ground favours the rapid regrowth of the grass, encouraging the development of the roots. According to Amazon buyers, the product has the following advantages and disadvantages:

Pros: lightweight, easy to assemble, convenient to use, good price;

Cons: is not intended for professional use, sometimes it can be light on the ground.

Einhell GC-Sa 1231, electric scarifier

For all those who are interested in an electrical solution, Einhell offers its GC-Sa 1231 scarifier, which is easy and immediate to use. With its space-saving design and lawnmower-like features, this tool benefits from a width of 430 millimetres, as well as 42 sturdy blades that are also equipped with special bearings. It can air the soil to a depth of 575 millimetres, providing oxygen even to the deepest roots and removing much of the residue.

The total height of the instrument is 275 millimetres, while the body of the lower portion is made of plastic. According to Amazon buyers, the product has the following advantages and disadvantages:

Pros: good quality of construction, ease of use, dual functionality with the collection of residues;

Cons: the bag is not particularly large.

BLACK+DECKER GD300-QS, electric aerator

Still on the electrical solutions front, a brand as famous as BLACK+DECKER offers the GD300-QS aerator, with multifunctional nature. It is ideal for taking care of the lawn throughout the year, not just aerating the ground: it can in fact rake the residue, eliminate moss, collect dry grass and much more. The tool allows you to adjust the height of the tips at will – to 2, 3 or 8 millimeters – also has a convenient front collection bag, so as not to lose even a residue. The teeth, again, are metallic and equipped with a spring mechanism that respects the ground.

With a 600 W engine and a 30 litre collection bag, this tool can be the perfect solution for medium-sized lawns. According to Amazon buyers, the product has the following advantages and disadvantages:

Pros: easy to use, excellent multifunctional nature, good durability;

Cons: the collection bag could be more capacious.

Choice of the editorial staff

For small lawns, and therefore with reduced maintenance requirements, the editorial staff recommends the Greenkey manual roller. For medium sized green areas, on the other hand, the most efficient proposal seems to be the BLACK+DECKER one.