Fertiliser spreaders for gardens and gardens: better models

The fertilizer spreader is a very useful tool for all those who have to manage a garden or a vegetable garden of medium or large size. Fertilization of the soil is always essential to ensure the lush growth of flowers or vegetables, but the practice can be difficult when you do not use the right tools. The fertiliser spreader can solve this problem by providing a solution that allows you to evenly distribute fertilisers – even of organic origin – on your own field to be cultivated. But what are the models to consider?

There are different types of fertilizer spreaders, depending on the needs of use and the destination of the area to be cultivated. In general, the tool is equipped with wheels and has a compartment where to insert the fertilizer. There is a slot at the bottom of the compartment, which allows nutrients to be evenly distributed when the tool is put into motion. On the market it is possible to find manual varieties, therefore with handlebars so that they can be easily pushed, or to be connected to agricultural means, for example tractors. The various alternatives differ in terms of construction materials, wheel size and width of the compartment, type of towing and any automated systems for the distribution of fertilizer. Here are a few tips.

Stocker, professional fertilizer spreader trolley

For those who are looking for a professional solution, also suitable for medium and large gardens, Stocker offers a fertilizer spreader with good construction quality. Equipped with a container of 25 liters, able to guarantee a good autonomy for all activities in the garden, this fertilizer offers a diameter of five meters. The large wheels, combined with the comfortable handlebar, allowing you to easily lead it on most types of field, while special adjustment tools allow you to monitor and manage according to your needs the amount of fertilizer to be released on the ground at each step.

Resistant and easy to use, it is also equipped with a protective cover for the fertilizer. According to Amazon buyers, the product has the following advantages and disadvantages:

Pros: comfortable trolley to push, large container, good pace in the release of the fertilizer;

Cons: the wheels could make it tiring to push on uneven ground.

Wiltec, tractor fertiliser spreader

For those who are looking for a solution to connect to small agricultural vehicles, such as a small tractor, Wiltec offers its multi purpose spreader. Thanks to a hook at a height of 25-50 cm, it is practically compatible with the main medium sized vehicles, and the attachment is flexible to guarantee maximum versatility of use. The air inflated tyres ensure a good ride, even on uneven terrain, and there is no need for cyclical maintenance work with oil and lubricants. The container, made of rigid plastic, can contain up to 30 kilograms of fertilizer, with a spreading width of 2-3 meters.

In addition to the fertilizer, this tool can also be used for the spreading of salt, lime and seeds. According to online buyers, the proposal has the following advantages and disadvantages.

Pros: good strength, ease of connection to the tractor, ease of use;

Cons: Improvable container materials.

Scotts Miracle-Gro, fertilizer and seed drill

Finally, a proposal also suitable for gardening enthusiasts or amateur users: Scotts Miracle-Gro offers its Evergreen fertilizer spreader, designed for both fertilization and field sowing. Pushing model with full wheels, equipped with special handlebars, it has a spreading area of about 45 cm, ideal especially for lawn maintenance. Furthermore, it has convenient controls for starting and closing the fertilizer dispenser, for an optimized use for fertilization solutions or sowing of the same Scotts.

Ideal for medium size, it can also be used for the distribution of herbicides, often necessary when you want to limit the growth of weeds in the lawn. According to Amazon users, the product has the following advantages and disadvantages:

Pros: good distribution of fertilizer or fertilizer, easy and immediate use;

Cons: is not intended for professional users.

Choice of editorial staff

The editorial staff recommends the Wiltec fertilizer spreader, if in possession of an agricultural garden equipment. For the amateur gardener, especially if already accustomed to the use of fertilizers and Scotts Miracle Gro fertilizers, we recommend the fertilizer instead.