Gardening, flowers and plants for planting in summer

The summer season is the ideal time to plant some types of plants and flowers that will adorn the garden in the coldest months, blooming in autumn and winter but also at the beginning of the following spring. It is important to choose carefully the bulbs to be planted, opting for species that tolerate the high temperatures and dry heat typical of the hot months. There are several species of plants and flowers that can be planted between June and August.


Primulae are perfect for planting in the garden in summer, as long as you choose a bright and airy place. The shoots occur at the end of the winter following sowing, or at the beginning of the spring season. It is important to ensure an optimal level of humidity, also proceeding with the nebulization and constant irrigation that must not give rise to dangerous stagnation of water. It is also essential to wet the plants with water and magnesium sulphate to prevent them from suffering from magnesium deficiency.


Sown in summer, the columbine blooms during the following spring months. Also called columbine, it is an herbaceous and perennial plant characterized by erect flowers or very decorative and scenic pendulous.

Amaryllis belladonna

Amaryllis belladonna boasts intensely scented flowers with a variety of light colours ranging from white to pink. It is a plant that does not require special care.


The anemone develops very large and showy flowers, with intense colors ranging from yellow, red and orange. It can be planted in the garden in the summer by choosing an area of twilight.


The cyclamen blooms in autumn and can also be planted in pots during the warm season, opting for a position which is bright but does not provide for direct contact with the sun’s rays. It is also important to keep cyclamen away from strong winds and draughts.


Dahlias are very decorative flowering plants that can revitalize your home garden considerably. They can be planted in a soil that is always moist, as they need to absorb large amounts of water.


Easy to manage and plant, gladioli can be planted in summer in the garden without forgetting to place the bulbs in a well drained soil and, above all, that is well exposed to the sun. In this way, very large and colourful flowers will develop.


The lily, or lilium, has very fragrant and eye-catching umbrella-shaped flowers. It can be planted in a pot or in the garden, taking care to place the pots or plants in an area that is exposed to the sun most of the time.


Malvarosa, also known as malvone or malva rosa, is a perennial herbaceous plant that can reach up to two meters in height. Easy to grow, it is quite resistant and planted at the end of the summer allows you to get a rich flowering from the following spring.