Husqvarna 435 16″ gas chainsaw Review

Husqvarna 435 chain saw, 16 inches (40.64 cm), 40.9 cc See, with a two-stroke engine, is one of the smallest chainsaws of best 16 inch gas chainsaws.

If you need a chainsaw for periodic housework and a farm that is light and maneuverable, then 435 might be the product you are looking for.

Not only does it have some great features, it also includes most of the latest Husqvarna technologies.

Performance and Processing

The Husqvarna 435 is one of the smallest saws in the Husqvarna line, and is best suited for light cutting conditions.

With his 16-inch blade, theoretically, he should be able to cut a 14-inch log in one pass. If you use it to chop or cut logs less than 12 inches (30.48 cm) long, you should find that the saw passes through them without any problems. However, for stiffer and thicker cuts, you may find that the saw is slightly smaller, especially if you are used to working with larger engines. User reviews indicate that this is a very quick and easy to use saw, which makes it an excellent choice for periodic warm-up, brushing and easy cutting of firewood.

One strong feature of all Husqvarna chain saws for homeowners is how easy it is to handle them. This has to do with a few things. Firstly, they are designed with the operator’s comfort in mind. The 435 has a well-designed rear handle with a soft insert for extra comfort. Then there is the LowVib system from Husqvarna, which is designed to reduce vibration and, as a consequence, operator fatigue. The system is numbered. The vibration of the front handle is measured at 3.8 m/s² and the vibration of the rear handle. 4.2 m/s². To put this in context, anything below 5.0 m/s² is considered low for a power tool. At these levels you can safely use the saw for approximately 3 hours within 8 hours.

In terms of performance, the starting system is simple enough and the 435 has an air blowing button that removes air from the carburetor.

The circuit is Husqvarna’s own brand, 0.325″ pitch and 0.05″ caliber. The 0.325″ pitch chains are not as popular as the 3/8″ chains, and some users have noted that on Husqvarna they are not the biggest and require regular sharpening to maintain cutting performance. To sharpen the chain, you will need a 3/16″ round file and holder, as well as a flat file. If you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself, do it professionally or alternatively, buy a new network for about $20. In the long run, it is definitely worth learning how to sharpen your chains.

Chain speed is important for cutting performance, and at 435 it is about 17 meters per second, which is not particularly fast, and this is one of the reasons why the saw can fight with tougher cuts. However, this is more than enough for easy cutting.

Along with sharp cutting parts, they must be properly tensioned. This is a fairly simple procedure, carried out with the help of a chain tensioner mounted at the side. Complete instructions are provided and a nut tool (included) is required to loosen the rod cover nut and adjust the tensioning screw.

Consumer ratings

There are almost 400 reviews online for this model, and just under 70% of people rated it as excellent or good. While this is worthy of respect, products with higher ratings are now available, although they tend to be more expensive, so there is a trade-off between quality and cost.

Buyers love the ease of use, ease of use and cutting performance. Others noted that starting up can be difficult, especially in warm weather, and that they need to adjust the carburetor before it works as expected.