Leveling a plot for building a house

Often the territory on which the building is planned turns out to be unsuitable for carrying out construction work tractor sprinkler. Swampy areas, low and high level of the ground surface – all this requires measures to remove and move the soil layers located on the surface, that is, leveling the construction site.

Leveling the plot to prepare it for building a house

Leveling a plot for construction involves an even distribution of the removed layer of earth over the entire surface intended for building a plot. As a result of such work, it is possible to form a relief that allows for the removal of atmospheric precipitation from the foundation, creating natural conditions for this.

Without taking into account this factor, that is, if the house is located in a low place, unfortunately, it will be impossible to avoid problems with flooding in spring and autumn.

To level the site during construction work, motor graders are used, which allow you to quickly remove excess soil, forming a relatively flat surface. Construction of houses, garages, swimming pools, greenhouses and various types of arrangement of the territory located in the immediate vicinity of the cottages – in order to prepare for all these activities, leveling the site is mandatory.

It is recommended to prepare the site for construction work in the fall. At the same time, in winter, the compacted soil will undergo precipitation due to rain, melting snow and temperature changes. When erecting stone cottages with 2-3 floors, characterized by high weight and, therefore, a tendency to sink, the importance of planning and leveling the site is especially great.

To level construction sites, grading soils (sand, expanded clay, crushed stone and others) are widely used. If the leveling of the site, adding soil to the lowlands is not given serious attention, then subsequently the costs in connection with the repair of the building due to negligence committed in preparing the site for construction work may exceed the initial investment in the building. After excavation and leveling of the site, it is necessary to fence the site in order to clearly define its boundaries.

Leveling the plot for the garden

A perfect garden also requires a flat area. In this case, a slight slope to the south is possible, amounting to no more than 2?. Since the ideal plots almost never go to summer residents, it is imperative to level the plot. Such events can be carried out in different ways. When carrying out such events, you can either move the existing soil around the site, or add an imported earthen mixture to the site. Chernozems are ideal for leveling the suburban area. An excellent fertilizer is peat soils, which improve the water and air permeability of the soil, creating conditions for improving its fertility. The use of peat-sand mixtures improves soil drainage in those places where there is a high level of groundwater occurrence.

As a rule, when leveling a site with your own hands, choose an average level. In this case, some areas should be raised, while others should be torn down. To determine this level, it is necessary to drive in the pegs at different points of the site. Next, select the peg that is at the middle height, and set the tops of other pegs on the same level with the top of the peg selected at the beginning. In this case, the difference in heights at which the pegs are located shows where it is necessary to add soil, and where to remove the soil.

If a small area needs to be leveled

To level the plot for the garden, you will need shovels, rakes and pitchforks. The top layer of soil, which is subsequently required to form a fertile layer, should be removed and folded at the edge of the site. Then the soil is removed from high places. Leveling the soil on the site involves transferring it to low places. The fertile layer is returned to its place and carefully leveled with a rake. The soil level will settle within 2 weeks. After that, you can start work on the improvement of the site.

If you need a perfectly flat area, for example, to create a lawn, then you can use wooden pegs. Work on leveling the site in accordance with this method is carried out using 9 pegs. Each should be marked 10 cm from the top. The pegs are installed at 9 points – three pegs in each row. The pegs should be aligned with the upper ends. For this purpose, a long block is used, the length of which is more than 2 m, and a building level, installed on the block. Do-it-yourself leveling of the land plot is carried out in the process of adding and removing soil until the surface of the plot is at the level of the marks applied on the pegs.

If the site has a slight slope

When leveling a plot with a slope, it is recommended not to remove the fertile layer. The area should be plowed with a cultivator. The site is passed up to 3 times. Moreover, it is desirable to carry out surface treatment in different directions.

Using a rake, they level the suburban area with their own hands, select weed roots and sow lawn grass. After such events, in the spring, you can admire the flat lawn with green grass by the end of summer.

Video – Leveling the soil on the site

Leveling measures for large areas

When leveling the ground over a large area, it is recommended to use a tractor. It is recommended to plow the area twice – in the longitudinal and transverse directions. Next, you need to treat the surface twice with a cultivator. You can use a barrel filled with water to compact the top layer. Then sow the seeds of the lawn grass and sprinkle with sand or earth, and then roll in again.

When removing the fertile layer, a bulldozer should be used, which is a special equipment designed for carrying out transport and earthmoving work. The articulated bulldozer blade allows for cutting and moving the soil.

Thus, the bumps are cut and the depressions are filled up. The planning of the site with the help of a bulldozer is carried out both on an area characterized by an even relief and on areas with a difficult relief (the presence of ravines, pits, hills, dried streams, etc.). The bulldozer allows you to move the cut soil at a distance of up to fifty meters.

Earthwork on the site is planned, starting from low places, filling the soil in small layers. This is followed by work on soil compaction. A bulldozer is an indispensable technique if it is necessary to level the ground after excavation work has been carried out during the construction of a pit for the construction of large-scale structures. When leveling a site, the cost of all work should be calculated in advance.

After leveling the garden plot, the soil must be returned to its place by distributing it evenly over the plot or by moving it to those places where the plants are supposed to be grown.

Leveling the site is a necessary event for its arrangement. In order for the house on the site to look beautiful and be reliable, measures for clearing the territory, improving the relief and leveling the ground must be carried out very carefully. And after the measures for leveling the site, you can already start fencing the site with a fence.