Orchid fertilizer: which to choose, products and use

Orchids are certainly one of the most fascinating and refined varieties of flowers, but also delicate. Proper care of these plants, in fact, requires some experience on the front of gardening and, not least, a process of regular fertilization and effective to ensure its lush growth. But how do you choose an orchid fertilizer, which are the most suitable products and how do you use them?

As already mentioned, fertilizing an orchid is not always a simple procedure, since it is necessary not only to balance the supply of water and fertilizer, but also to choose the most suitable type for the variety in your possession. Again, it is always useful to seek advice from your trusted supplier of botanical products, so as to avoid incorrect procedures that could irreparably damage the cultivation. In general, two types of fertilizer are available on the market for this flower: the leaf fertilizer and the root fertilizer. The first is highly soluble and easy to absorb, as it is assimilated by the areas of the plant. The latter, on the other hand, is dissolved in water at very low percentages, as it remains in the soil for a long time and is therefore absorbed by the roots in a slow and progressive way. Both varieties can be available in powder or liquid form.

Use is according to the fertilizer manufacturer’s instructions, without ever launching yourself into a harmful do-it-yourself situation. As a general rule, foliar fertilizers are fitted with special applicators, either by spraying or by dropping, so as never to exceed the doses. Even root fertilizers can take advantage of special dosers, to be inserted directly into the soil – especially in the form of sticks – usually at the rate of 1 gram dissolved in a liter of water. Furthermore, fertilisation must always take place after watering. Here are some purchase tips.

Fito, complete orchid kit

For those who are looking for a complete kit for orchid fertilization, Fito offers the ideal solution, consisting of a liquid fertilizer, a supplement and a foliar powermix. The liquid mineral fertilizer nourishes the plant in a balanced way in all its growth phases, thanks to the NPK formulation and the addition of minerals such as zinc. The drop by drop supplement, in six practical dispensers, stimulates the vegetative development of the plant thanks to the addition of vanadium, which facilitates all flowering processes. Finally, the foliar spray nourishes the green leaves of the plant, making them more vital, nourished and lush. It also protects the leaves with a thin film, increasing resistance.

The complete treatment also has a greening action, it also fights iron chlorosis and leaf yellowing, thanks to its iron-based composition. According to Amazon users, the kit has the following advantages and disadvantages.

Pros: practicality of the complete kit, effectiveness, low cost;

Cons: should not be considered a miracle product for plants long neglected.